Monday, March 22, 2021

Wendy's Port Gamble Mystery Quilt

 Port Gamble is an old, historic little town not to far away from here. Their shop, Quilted Straight, used to be in Port Angeles, but moved into the cutest carriage house in Port Gamble several years ago. Shortly after Covid started and all the shops were shut, the owner renewed this mystery project and charged only $25 to participate. The funds she collected went to a local charity to help feed people. Wendy participated, and this is the quilt she made.

I loved how her quilt turned out and I loved all the fun places to create quilting designs. Below are a few pics with feathers, swirls, hooked curves, "l"s, and linework...

In the center, I did a bit more "playing" with designs...

Thanks for looking!


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