Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Creation

Okay, I'm trying to be good about this posting thing, but its making me crazy. I want my blog to look better, but don't seem to be able to get the hang of it. I think I need to read the help files a bit more thoroughly...or at all....

Currently, I'm suffering withdrawals. I haven't touched my longarm in two weeks! Weekend before last, we had to get our truck and trailer ready for a ride; last weekend we did a Limited Distance 35-mile ride at Hat Creek. This weekend, I'm leaving on Friday to spend the night with my sister in Carson City. We'll be sewing, but its not quilting! I miss my longarm...

So...an evil plan forms: if I take tomorrow off and spend the day working on the house, I can, from the moment I'm home on Saturday, quilt!! I will have to take a break and go for a ride, but there's nothing wrong with that!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cool Hand Hank

Look at my dog in his shades...is this not the cutest dog ever??

Yikes...someone is reading

Yes, its been forever since I started this blog...March to be exact. But, I have several good excuses. First and foremost is my name, my middle name, to be exact. Its Procrastination and my last name is Good-Intentions. Hard to believe, but its true!

Many things have happened since March. For one, Carla Ballard's class was cancelled and won't be rescheduled until September...September?!? And, knowing Murphy the way I do, it will probably be rescheduled on the only weekend that I have plans.

Another big thing...my 93 year old mother-in-law has moved in with us. She was no longer able to live at home after breaking her hip in January. She moved in shortly after I began this blog. Its been challenging, but doable. We moved from the master bedroom when I began quilting as that was the only room, other than the living room, large enough to hold my Millennium. We began sleeping in our much smaller office. Now, my MIL is in the office and we're in the living room. All that will change soon, however.

APQS, the best longarm manufacturing company in the world, has hired me to be a Sales, Service & Education rep. So...I need a real studio and, more than that, I need to NOT be sleeping in the living room. This will be my studio www.pacificyurts.com Its 24' around, 450 square feet of space (that I will share with my husband) and will have a bathroom and kitchenette! I'm very excited.

Most recent quilt finished on Lillian (my Millie) is a beautiful quilt called Dandelion Wishes from one of my best clients, Carolyn. She pieces beautifully and I was able to try out my cross-hatch rulers for the first time. Hope the pictures help offset the wait...