Monday, August 15, 2016

Its a Test!!

Do you see it?  My mistake???

I'm just home from a retreat where this was one of four quilts I finished. At least I thought I'd finished until I saw this photo.  I even hung this up at the retreat and no one spotted it. 

I didn't see it until just now...Do you?????


Monday, August 1, 2016

A Rose Quilt for September Rose

September Rose isn't here yet, but when she is she'll have this lovely quilt to lie on.  Isn't it pretty? And I love her name--I wonder if they'll call her Rose??

Although this is a baby quilt, I decided to cc the center squares to give it a bit more interest than the usual loops I do on baby quilts.  Plus, it framed the roses!

And here's a quick shot of the back which shows the loops in the outside border, "e's" and "l's" in the vertical sashing and the back of the CC's.

And now its time for me to do some more quilting!  And, who knows, maybe even some more posting???