Friday, March 16, 2018


I love this quilt. Carol finished it for a friend and sent it up for quilting. The only instruction was that the owner didn't want any quilting on the faces of the cowgirls. Not a problem...

Here are a couple of close-ups of the "ladies." I did two different backgrounds with just a little stitching in the ladies to make the clothes stand out. (That will show up better in the pics of the back below)

And a shot of the border--or should I say borders? Other than the last border on the outside, I treated it as one fabric, using my heatwave allover. I felt that quilting them separately would have been too busy.
And some pics of the back...

Thanks for looking!!!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Club Community Quilt

Every once in a awhile, I'm asked to quilt a Community Quilt for one of the guilds I belong to.  This is the latest.  I think this is one of the BQ patterns, but I don't know which one. The colors are much warmer in person; its a lovely quilt.
Because of the colors, I decided to go with some geometric patterns thinking that it could easily be given to a man. But then...
I blew it and added feathers! Oh well!!
Here's a shot of the back. Although its a busy backing, you can see the quilting if you squint!!
Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

2018 Cabin Fever Quilters Raffle Quilt

This is the latest raffle quilt from Cabin Fever Quilters. In an attempt to make it more contemporary, they chose to do it in grays and brights--apparently, the original pattern was all muted tones. I think they did a great job! Don't you??

I apologize for the wonky pic, but this quilt was so big that I didn't have a good place to hang it for a photo. The good thing about that is my new photo spot! I will now be hanging quilts 8' off the floor in the living room. Should make for better shots with better lighting!

Since the makers opted for a more modern vibe with their fabrics, I opted for more modern quilting. Fewer feathers, more linework, etc.

This is a pic of the outer blocks on this quilt. If you click on it, the quilting will show a bit better. The only instruction I received prior to quilting was to not quilt anything on top of the applique.
This pic shows the frame around the frame around the center. I quilted the gray with both lines and meandering, breaking it in half at the applique line.

 This is the center of the quilt. I framed it with quilting in much the same way as the outer border, adding a little more detail in the corners.
A closer shot of the detail:
Here are a few shots of the back

Tickets are available now if you live in the PNW. Or if you really want some, let me know and I'll send them.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Penny's Log Cabin

Quilters meet quilters in the most unusual places. I met Penny in Bankrupcy Court in Olympia. No, neither of us was filing for bankruptcy, however, we'd both been cheated by the same company that was filing. Imagine my surprise when, about a month after the hearing, she called me to work on a quilt for her. Turns out, Penny just lives in the next town over--Port Angeles.

This is her beautiful Log Cabin.  I know the setting has a specific name, but I don't remember what its called.  Do you??

I really had some fun with this one.  I did leaves in the outer, dark green border, with a version of piano keys in the inner cream one. The green areas around the cream in each block had a leaf meander as well. In the cream log cabins going around the outside, I did my heatwave meander.
Then the fun part began. The middle block and the four surrounding ones called to me for something special. I kept the leaf meander for continuity, but I did a partial "sun" in the outer four and a full "sun" in the middle.  You'll probably have to click the pic for the full effect.

Here's the full sun...
This is one of the prettiest settings I've seen for a log cabin quilt!


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Joyce's Mariner's Compass

If you've seen Judy Niemeyer's patterns, you've seen this quilt. But this wasn't a kit, Joyce chose these fabrics and then did a terrific job piecing this quilt. It was stunning in person and I wanted to do lots of quilting on it to show off the piecing.

Here's a shot of the whole thing...

When Joyce sent it, she told me that she chose the lighter blue areas specifically for my quilting. No pressure there, right??? Because I wanted those areas to be special, I completed the entire quilt before even starting in those triangles!

Here's a pic of the center...
 And the bit directly out from the center...mostly McTavishing and Ribbon Candy in the orange.
This is the back of the quilt, but you can see what I did in those long, outer sharp points.

And now to the inner triangle, light blue areas. I decided to echo the design, itself, by quilting a section of the compass in each triangle. It was time consuming, but so worth it when it was finished. This is the top:
 And this is the back...
Here are a few more shots of the back, just for good measure.

When I was finished with this one, I couldn't wait for Joyce to see it. She lives on the east coast though, so I was on pins and needles until it was delivered. She loved it and said that it got a second at her quilt show! Hooray!!