Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Empty Spools 2015

Today is the last day of class for Session 2 of the Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar. I will be sad to be packing up, but I'm not going home! From here, I go to Oakland to visit my granddaughter again and then to Sebastopol to see my other step-daughter and my brother!  Fun!!

If I've been paying attention and if my plans don't change, this is what I will be working towards this session.

I'll be in Jan Krentz' Lone Star class.   I actually used my EQ7 program and uploaded photos of my fabrics and then played and played until I came up with something I liked. I made the mock up and cut the strips prior to leaving home.  I didn't sew them though, as I was too afraid I'd change my mind. The best thing...this fabric is ALL in my stash! I didn't buy anything (okay, I didn't buy anything as of the writing of this post)

I'll post a pic of my progress when  return...I know you're all just on pins and needles, right???


Friday, February 27, 2015

Grandbaby Quilt!!

Nope...not my granddaughter. This one is for Carolyn's granddaughter, Addy. Its so bright! I love it.

 Kid quilts just don't require lots of quilting. To keep this one soft and nice, I just did loops and double loops allover. It does have wool batting though, so the texture is great!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Its Pumpkin Time!!

Isn't Joyce's quilt adorable?  I love these pumpkins and how fun they are!!

I've never seen this pattern, but from what others have told me, Joyce did some extras. I don't think the original had the same sashing and there was something about the actual blocks as well.  I don't remember what, but whatever it was, it worked!

I did the same geometric border (I'm really loving it for texture) as I did in Betty's QOV. The sashing has leaves with that same geometric in the cornerstones. Stippling behind and in the pumpkins and then a different design in each inner ORANGE thread.  I rarely do that, but decided to chance it this time.  

I think it worked out okay. What do you think??

Small shot of the back so that you can see the border and sashing designs more clearly. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Country Quilt of Valor

This quilt is from a new Cabin Fever Quilters customer, Betty. She made this for her son from the Fons & Porter magazine pattern. I love patriotic quilts and this one is no exception. Red is one of my favorite colors and the red Betty used in this is just perfect.

Quilting decisions on this one were a bit harder to come by. I was fine with the borders and the log cabin blocks, but those split Ohio Stars had me thinking.  I didn't want to change thread in each of the parts; I wanted to do something to help with continuity. Luckily another quilting friend suggested stitching both the red and blue portions with blue thread.  I still had to change to white thread for the white parts change to red for the red borders, but I think having the OS blocks be all one thread color in the red/blue parts worked.

The border design, above, was a new one for me. I'd just seen it done by Cindy Roth over at Longarm University and wanted to try it...this seemed like the perfect quilt for it. Its all freehand with no rulers (except the travelling diagonal line) and is so forgiving!

Below is a pic showing a bit more of the overall design.

My final design idea was to put this star in the corner using blue thread to pick up the blue in the blocks. I didn't want the red parts of the OS blocks to be the only blue on red quilting.

And, of course...a few shots of the back.

I just love when people do plain backs; the quiltling is so fun!!!


Monday, February 16, 2015

More Americana from Paula

Paula does these beautiful Americana-themed quilts. I wish I could show you her house--these quilts fit in it so well. She has a wonderful sense of color and style that I envy!
We talked a bit before I started this one and I completely changed my plan after our conversation. I had planned to do a separate border treatment and then do a meadering feather on the inside. After our conversation though, I realized Paula wanted more design-driven quilting.This pic shows a bigger pic of the design I used...

After studying the quilt, I saw there was a pattern I could follow using the design of the blocks. On the Rail Fence blocks, I feathered the outside "rails" and did lines in the center. The stars had stippling on the outside and CC's in the center triangles. This made the centers "pop" out more.

And closer still, you can almost see the definition of the center flower in this pic. I used Quilters Dream Puff batting--its the best for obtaining that definition.

The backing had many different fabrics, but this pic shows the quilting a bit. Thought I'd share it because we all love the backs!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!