Friday, April 24, 2015

Home From Quilters Dream Weekend

I'm just home from the Quilters Dream Retreat held at Camp Arnold in April and October. I've been going to the April retreats since moving up here. My friend, Lisa, from Canada, found this retreat and got us in -- no easy feat since they are usually full.  Since then, we've met there annually. This was the first year that Lisa couldn't make it--still fun, but just not the same without her.

The first year we had no idea what we were getting into. However, we were fortunate enough to pick a place to sit that turned out to be the best place ever. We met Shirley and Donna from Linden, WA, and we've all be friends ever since. :0)

Here are pics of some of the things I worked on while I was there.  First, the ugliest!!  At the April retreat they have classes and do a challenge block. I've never participated in the challenge block; however, this year, Donna and Shirley shamed me into it.  I had no extra fabric, so this is what I managed to put together.  The only positive thing that can be said about it is that it is exactly 12 1/2" unfinished. Other than that--well, you be the judge. (I think its awful--however, it wasn't the most awful one there! Go figure!) Next year the theme is "Rootin, Tootin, Quiltin." That will be a fun one.  I see lots of cowboy boots and hats...

After working on the block, I put this top together for my neighbor. She's expecting her first baby, a boy, in June.

Then I spent several hours on this Buggy Barn Pattern. Its called "Poker Run" and will be for Millie when its completed. Below are the ponies before their barns were added. Notice the one on the bottom right? He totally disappears, so I won't be including him (I may put him on the back, though--haven't decided yet.) I received many suggestions of what to put in his place, but the funniest was the person who thought I should do a horse's butt!

And here they are in their barns

After that, it was work on a QOV that I was volunteered for and finally some work on the Cabin Fever Quilters Mystery. This is the fabric combo I'll be using for the mystery. My friend, Donna, helped me choose; she's got great taste! She also had me take a pic of the fabrics in black/white to make sure the contrast was there.  Who knew????

 Finally, don't you just love these two cases.  The pic distorts the size a bit. The top one is only about 10" square. Last year at the retreat, Mary's friend had a set of these that she used for her sewing stuff. I was admiring them and Mary said she never used hers so would bring them for me this year...and she did!!  They are gorgeous. They remind me of old fashioned train cases.

Thanks for reading!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jen's Sister's Applique

A few months back I received a desperate e-mail from Jen in Quincy. She was panicked that since I'd moved to Washington, I'd stopped quilting.  She sent up this beautiful applique quilt that was partially constructed by her sister, who had passed away. She finished it and I had the honor of quilting it. Isn't it a beautiful quilt??

There are many different blocks in this design and I wanted to highlight them all individually, so I changed up the background quilting in all of them. I did keep the patchwork squares and triangles quilted similarly to tie it all together. The pic below shows the cc designs in the flying geese and the squares. Super simple to frame the more involved, dense quilting in the blocks.

And now its just a picture show. Lots of close-ups of the quilting. Echoing in this one.

Lots of lines very close together.


Pebbles, pebbles and more pebbles.

Simple cc and a feathered flower center.

Meander, cc, and lots of lines.

Pebbles and curved cross-hatching.

A couple shots of the back, although it was mostly too busy for much to show.

Thanks for hanging in there for the picture show!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alpine Wonder

I first saw this quilt in a Keepsake Quilting catalog. I really liked it, but what really drew me to it was all that negative space. I always hoped that one of my customers would make one and let me quilt it. Years went by until Marilyn, a new customer from Port Townsend's Cabin Fever Quilters Guild, gave me the opportunity!! 

 Marilyn plans to embellish it with crystals, so my first decision was how much quilting. When I looked online, I saw several of these that had been quilted and that had embellishments. What I noticed though, was that the ones with a bit denser quilting really made the crystals pop. So that's what I did.

I quilted snow (McTavishing and pebbles--snow drops???) below the tree for texture.

 And a more dense paisley in the background with arcs in the tree.

One last shot because I love it so much!!  Remember, if you click on the pic, you'll get a better view.

This quilt has been sitting in my studio for weeks now, waiting for the monthly guild meeting so it could go home. It found its way home yesterday, so today I can share!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Catching Up....Again

When I returned from Asilomar, I had quite a bit of my lone star completed. For the first time EVER, I went with a clear plan in mind. I had my strips cut and knew where I wanted to put them, so I was able to start sewing almost immediately!

Jan Krentz is a wonderful teacher; if you have any interest at all in making a lone star, take a class from her. You won't be sorry!!

 This is a pic of my original diamond design. I made a mock up of it for my pattern and followed it while putting my diamonds together.

A completed diamond, with the fabric in strips next to it for easy assembly. It was supposed to be foolproof and it was...almost. I only had one minor goof that had to be fixed when I got two fabrics out of order. 

When it was completed, I auditioned the black fabric for the background prior to cutting. Then others were getting in on the "try this" phase. Debbie suggested the dots on the center star; I vetoed that suggestion!!

This is what I have so far at home. As you can see, my "Y" seams didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped.  Fortunately, my longarmer knows the old "starch and steam" trick and I think she can quilt those corners just fine! My only other thought, and I'll know this when I have all four braided borders finished, is whether I want another black border on the outside? Or maybe just black binding?  What do you think??

I'm happy with how this is going so far (except I keep staring at those wonky square bits--I bet I end up pulling them off and fixing them!) and I love that my plan of the black diamonds leading out worked as well as I'd hoped. 

When completed (please note: I said "when," not "if"), it will be the first project ever from a class at Empty Spools. I'm hoping this means I'm turning over a new leaf!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Empty Spools 2015

Today is the last day of class for Session 2 of the Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar. I will be sad to be packing up, but I'm not going home! From here, I go to Oakland to visit my granddaughter again and then to Sebastopol to see my other step-daughter and my brother!  Fun!!

If I've been paying attention and if my plans don't change, this is what I will be working towards this session.

I'll be in Jan Krentz' Lone Star class.   I actually used my EQ7 program and uploaded photos of my fabrics and then played and played until I came up with something I liked. I made the mock up and cut the strips prior to leaving home.  I didn't sew them though, as I was too afraid I'd change my mind. The best thing...this fabric is ALL in my stash! I didn't buy anything (okay, I didn't buy anything as of the writing of this post)

I'll post a pic of my progress when  return...I know you're all just on pins and needles, right???