Monday, April 29, 2019

Margie's Quilts

Margie is a member of the Cabin Fever Guild in Port Townsend. She usually sits right across from me and surprised me by asking whether I could do these three quilts for her. Of course, I said yes.  These two were identical and she wanted them quilted the same. Both of these quilts were made from ties that belonged to her husband. The quilts were for his kids, if I'm remembering correctly.

I really love how she put these together; they're so different from the usual tie quilts.

Here are a close-up of each:

I did my usual Heatwave fill on both as she wanted them back quickly. Deciding on a thread color was challenging. It was certainly going to show up somewhere, especially since I really don't like to use monofilament. Luckily, I've gotten pretty good at this design.

This was the third quilt she gave me. Its pieced a bit differently and I really didn't want to do an allover on it. Margie gave me permission to I did!

I played with feathers and continuous curve and lost myself in the quilting. I love putting feathers on quilts in more unique patterns.

Here's a couple shots of the back of this one.  The border of this quilt was more of the ties, btw.

I have no idea why this second photo is gray--the background was more taupe like above. However, the quilting shows nicely in this one, so I wanted to post it.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, April 22, 2019

Leslie's Lighthouse Quilt

I just loved this one; the panel is beautiful and Leslie's blocks surrounding it add so much interest!
The center of this panel was the last thing I did. It was easy to come up with ideas for the surrounding blocks, but not for the center. I finally decided on this squiggly crosshatch and luckily, Leslie loved it!
I did three separate designs in the outside blocks, but the only design that photographed well was in the sunburst orange blocks.
And here are a few shots of the back.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, April 15, 2019

Lyn's In an Out Quilt

Lyn is one of my oldest customers--no. not in age!!  I've been quilting for her for over nine years--in fact, one of my first quilts for her popped up in my memories on Facebook just the other day! I remembered that quilt. When I finished I hung it in my studio and just stared at it. Crazy!!

This one is called In and Out and looked like it was fun to make. (Unfortunately, my camera didn't do it justice.  The colors were so much more beautiful in person.

Since Lyn is giving this quilt to her son and daughter-in-law, she opted for my Heatwave pattern.

Below are a couple close-ups of the quilting.

Here is one of the back, because what post is complete without a shot of the back??