Monday, March 18, 2019

Connie's BOM

Several times I have received quilts in the mail unexpectedly. It always surprises me to get a box and not remember what I've ordered only to find its an unfinished top! Then I start looking for a note to see who sent it. That's what happened with this one. I couldn't resist calling Connie and thanking her for the lovely quilt top!!

 The fun part with these quilts for me is that I get to come up with a different design for each block; different, but something has to connect them. With this quilt, I chose linework in the background for the "connect." Here are a couple of blocks that illustrate that.

 This one shows the linework as well as the wishbone sashing.
Here are a few more just because I can...

And what's a post without a few shots of the back?? (Don't you love how my camera makes the backing look like its three different fabrics??  Me neither...grrrrrrr!)

Thanks for looking!!!!


Monday, March 11, 2019

Cabin Fever Quilters 2019 Raffle Quilt

This year, the Cabin Fever Quilters decided to go modern with their raffle quilt. They made a Tula Pink Butterfly.  Isn't it lovely?? (Ignore the circles you see on the background fabric. They're showing through from the backing.) The background is actually a solid, very light gray.

I can honestly say that this quilt was fun to quilt from beginning to end. Usually, as a I start a new quilt, be it my own or a customer's, I'm excited. Its new and fun. By the middle of the quilt, I'm getting a bit bored. However, towards the end, I'm excited again because I'll get to see what it looks like finished. With this one, I never got bored. I think it was because there are so many different blocks and so many different ways to quilt them. My brain was a bit taxed!!

Some pics:  First a shot of the antennae. Don't all butterflies have feathered antennae??? And the pebbles??  (Note to self--make pebbles bigger next time!)

Here's a few pics of the blocks. Since the wings are identical, I quilted the same pattern in the corresponding blocks.

And before you go away, a couple shots of the back.  See the circles???  They don't show through unless you hang the quilt in your living room to take pics. [stupid!!]

Thanks for looking. If you are interested in tickets, let me know. They're $1 each.


Monday, March 4, 2019

An Elephant for Karen's Quilt Shop

Karen called a few weeks ago and wanted me to quilt a shop sample. When I stopped by to pick it up, I was thrilled! Isn't this the cutest thing ever???

I saw all that white negative space and got very excited! Karen gave me free rein to play, so I did! The first thing I wanted to do was connect the elephant to the butterfly, thus the feather from the end of the trunk to tie them together. Here's a look at that a bit closer.

After that it was just play time. Pebbles, feathers, swirls and other designs blended in to fill it up. While I was on the couch convalescing after my hip replacement, I spent a lot of time on Craftsy. I put those classes to good use with this one!

One last pic of the front...

And a couple of the back. I love how this turned out!! This first one shows the whole back; unfortunately, the color isn't accurate.

 This is more the true color of the backing fabric. It was a lovely green.

And the back of the elephant. He didn't require much quilting, just enough to make him stand out.

This pattern is part of a series of baby quilts. They're all adorable!

Thanks for looking!