Thursday, January 16, 2020

Joan's Row-by Row Quilt

This is such a fun quilt. I made one myself and gave it to some folks that let us stay in their cabin on Orcas Island. Then Karen hired me to quilt the winning quilt from all the ones her students had made. And finally, Joan and I traded. She put the binding on my Row by Row and I quilted hers.

This was a fun quilt to make...well, most of it was. I'm not a huge fan of the "A" word, so I changed mine a bit. Joan made hers according to direction and her applique was gorgeous! My favorite quilts to quilt and make are ones with lots of different blocks; that's why this pattern really appeals to me.

Joan's applique flowers were perfect. I did the flowers on mine, as well, but when I got to the row with the butterflies, I was done with applique!

A closer view to show the inside of the churn dash blocks and the quilting in their sashing

And the houses.  My favorite items to quilt are houses!!

Maybe if my practice butterflies would have turned out like this, I might have done them...maybe! Joan's are beautiful.

And no post is complete without a few pics of the back. If I remember correctly, this may have been flannel on the back. If you click on the pic, a larger view will open for a closer inspection.

By only quilting in every other square in the checkerboard rows, the non-quilted squares really puffed out. It gave the quilt some nice texture.

And a few more, just because I have them:

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Leslie's Bear Paws Panel

Leslie got on a roll with several panels during 2019. It was really fun for me to come up with ideas to quilt them. I really wanted to do some specific "bear" quilting on this one, but if you look at his "backside," you'll see that wouldn't work.  Instead, I opted for some diagonal cross-hatching and played a bunch in the surrounding paws and borders.

You can see that I did some of Angela's Dot-to Dot quilting in the paws, a checkerboard in those outer squares and swags in the outside border. I may have gotten a tad carried away!

 Below are a couple of shots of the back. You can see the swags coming to gether in the corner on this one.

And here you can see the "Dot-to-Dot" in the paws.

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year anyone still there??

I'm starting up again and plan to be posting at least twice a month. Hopefully, by staying more current, I can post more regularly. (Hard to believe I haven't posted since last June!)

I will be mixing in some of last year's quilts with this year's as they are finished.

Today, for your viewing pleasure is Carol's Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I'm not sure which one this is, but it, as most of the BH Mystery Quilts are, was HUGE! This pic was taken in my living room, which has high ceilings--it still touched the floor.

Here are a couple of close-ups. Because of the design I chose, this quilt was quilting block by was slow going!

And a couple shots of the back. It was a plain, muslin type backing, so the quilting showed up nicely.

Best part was that Carol loved it when it finally made it back to California.

More to way less than six months!