Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Leslie's Bear Paws Panel

Leslie got on a roll with several panels during 2019. It was really fun for me to come up with ideas to quilt them. I really wanted to do some specific "bear" quilting on this one, but if you look at his "backside," you'll see that wouldn't work.  Instead, I opted for some diagonal cross-hatching and played a bunch in the surrounding paws and borders.

You can see that I did some of Angela's Dot-to Dot quilting in the paws, a checkerboard in those outer squares and swags in the outside border. I may have gotten a tad carried away!

 Below are a couple of shots of the back. You can see the swags coming to gether in the corner on this one.

And here you can see the "Dot-to-Dot" in the paws.

Thanks for looking!


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