Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project Quilting -- Flying Geese

September's block: Flying Geese.  I really wanted to make one of those dimensional quilts with the geese floating around in a banner-type configuration of graduating size.  However, since I don't have a clue where to even begin something like that, instead I opted for some Buggy Barn geese.

I had no real plan in mind when I began this. Consequently, the first time I put it together, I didn't like it. I kept telling myself that it was finished and it was good enough...NOPE! To me it looked like I'd done my geese and then just added borders, which, BTW, is exactly what I did!!  BLEH!!!!

 So I took it all apart and started again.  Although this is nothing to "write home about," its finished and on time.  In my book, that's a WIN!!

 And the back.  Not nearly as much quilting on this one.

Thanks for looking!!


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Catching up...

This quilt came from Mona in Quincy. She's made this for her granddaughter and its so bright and cheery--I love it!! (This would be the perfect "garden" for weeds and no work!)

I don't remember what the piecing technique is called, maybe "flip & fold"? You sew your fabric to muslin and then keep adding bits until it looks like what you want. Its hard to see the quilting, but basically it was meant to look like rain drops in the main body of the quilt. I did lines and then added circles in...sort of like "----o-----o----o" only it was vertical! I also used a shiny silver thread to add a glisten-effect, like water. (Clever???)

 In keeping with the garden theme, leaves were in the outer border and inner sashing, with narrow piano keys  on the inner border for some texture.

 And a pic of the can sort of see the "rain" in this one.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!