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I discovered quilting quite by accident.  In 2003, our house burned to the ground. But something good always happens from something bad, right? After the fire, a good friend offered to make me a quilt. She brought books and patterns to my house and I was hooked! I had sewn clothing when I was younger, but this was just so much more fun.

 I began piecing and quilting on my Janome. After realizing how much easier quilting could be on a longarm, I started researching and test-driving longarms. Many test drives later, I purchased the best machine made (IMHO), the APQS Millennium. Not long after that, Crazy Horse Quilting was born.

I named my business after the best horse in the world, Elly. She was my first horse and first true passion. Now I've added quilting to my passions and the two mix well together.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog.


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