Friday, February 26, 2016

Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys!!

This one came from Deanna--isn't this adorable???? Turns out Deanna was a few years behind me at Big Valley High School. She and I never really knew each other while in school, but reconnected due to a common FB friend.  That is one thing I really love about FB--staying in touch and connecting, albeit remotely, with friends.

This is for Deanna's grandson. Its one of those quilts that when you wash it, the seams fray. (I hate to admit it, but I initially thought there was something wrong with the fabric until I saw that the seams weren't enclosed for a reason. I'm a bit slow at times!! *shrug*)

We kept this quilting simple, mimicking the pattern and what it showed. Every other block has a cowboy in it and they're all named! Gus was my fave, of course, since I used to have a horse named Gus. So darn cute!!!!

The back was plain fabric so the quilting, although simple, really showed up nicely.

If you've been reading my blog for long, you'll know that I like to play a bit. I just couldn't help playing around in the border a bit!!

Thanks for having a look!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!!!

Okay, really, I wasn't anywhere.  Just busy and irritated with our Internet Service. We have Dish Satellite and if you use too much bandwidth, they slow you down--the really slow you down.  Its so frustrating!! We even have a package they aren't offering anymore and is better than anything they have currently. Sometimes its really frustrating living off the normal "grid."

But...I'm off my soapbox and onto showing off my wonderful customers' quilts!

This one came from Gail in Port Townsend.  Funny thing about this one was how she got my card. I'd been in Poulsbo that morning at a newish quilt shop and left some cards there; she showed up in the afternoon and picked one up. How's that for timing??

This is the cutest quilt and one of my favorite styles to work on. I love houses!!  Isn't it adorable??

Gail let me play, so I had fun doing boards in the houses and shakes on the roof!

I also did three different designs in the trees. 

This quilt was so much fun to work on and Gail is such a nice person. Totally a win/win!!

Thanks for your patience and for stopping by!


(PS...Happy now Susan????)