Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Project Quilting -- Log Cabin

This is what happens when you have EQ7 and no imagination...
This month's block was Log Cabin and since I couldn't think of anything else to do, I kept it simple. I do like the black fabrics I chose to set off the red, but really....this one is nothing to write home about.

Here's a shot of the back that shows the quilting. That at least took a little thought and fun design elements with the curved crosshatch and the feathers.

Here's the biggest problem. It needs a name...HELP! What do I call it??  "Unimaginative" comes to mind! <smirk>


Friday, July 24, 2015

Karen's Quilt Shop Sampler

Karen called the other day and wanted this "sampler" quilted for the shop.  This top is completely imprinted...not a seam to be found. She wanted an allover, but gave me permission to play--Yippee!!

The best thing about stitching in the ditch is when there really isn't a "ditch"! So much easier without a seam to follow. I did SID all over the place on this one.

Nice and easy geometric border

Heatwave meander with some more line work in the outer triangles. Some fun design work in the middle.

And a shot of the back...


Thursday, July 16, 2015

So many Selvages

When you have too many selvages, you make a selvage quilt. This is Connie's third one--she's making them for all the grandkids.

Generally, I quilt the selvage bits in white and then use matching thread for the solid fabric portion. This time, I opted for something different.  Matching thread in the solid, but contrasting in the selvages using my "go to" Heatwave pattern.

In the center "x"s, I opted for a soft swirl.

And in the outside border, to tie it all together, alternately sized piano keys.

And because its always the most fun to look at ... a shot of the back!

Two posts this month and its still summer!!  Hooray for me!!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summers and Blogging

We are having a real summer in the PNW this year...and while I'm not really loving the heat, I am loving the massive amounts of sun. That, in turn, makes it much more challenging to be inside quilting and thus the blog has dwindled as a side effect. I really doubt that those of you looking for quilty pics really want to see pics of my dogs or horses all the time.

However, I have finished a couple of quilts.  This first one is from Paula...and its full of triangles!

So I quilted it with curves...

 And a geometric border. (Are you getting sick of seeing this one? Its really fun to quilt, so I seem to be using it a lot!)

Another close-up...

Thanks for hanging in there...no promises about more frequent blogging though. Next week we take off on a one week cruise to the San Juan's.  Won't be much blogging going on then!! Hope you're enjoying your summer.