Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summers and Blogging

We are having a real summer in the PNW this year...and while I'm not really loving the heat, I am loving the massive amounts of sun. That, in turn, makes it much more challenging to be inside quilting and thus the blog has dwindled as a side effect. I really doubt that those of you looking for quilty pics really want to see pics of my dogs or horses all the time.

However, I have finished a couple of quilts.  This first one is from Paula...and its full of triangles!

So I quilted it with curves...

 And a geometric border. (Are you getting sick of seeing this one? Its really fun to quilt, so I seem to be using it a lot!)

Another close-up...

Thanks for hanging in promises about more frequent blogging though. Next week we take off on a one week cruise to the San Juan's.  Won't be much blogging going on then!! Hope you're enjoying your summer.


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