Monday, October 29, 2012

Quilting a Second Egg Money Quilt

Carolyn has pieced another Egg Money quilt, designed by Eleanor Burns. This one has completely different fabrics than the last. Although I adored the red in the first one, this one has such bright, cheery colors that it was really fun to quilt. (Make sure to click on the photos so you can see the detail.)

I opted for traditional piano keys in the border and then did ribbon candy in both the sashing and the frame of each block.

A couple more shots for your viewing pleasure...can you tell I was having fun with this one?

And what post would be complete without at least one or two pics of the back of the quilt??

Thanks for stopping by!!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did you know...??

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I'd also like to take a moment to introduce Edith. She's from Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I adopted her from a local quilt shop; she was just too cute to leave behind. Problem is, I already had this red & black bird in my studio and she's really quite jealous. Edith has a name, she doesn't. Any suggestions??


Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilting at MQX

I am just back from MQX in Portland. It was great seeing all my friends and making new ones. This year we had four in our tiny room at the Inn at the Convention Center; however, that meant more money to spend on fun things! We had a great time!!

I learned so many new designs and techniques, like this one from Angela Walters. Her classes were so much fun and she is so darn cute. Full of enthusiasm and great tips!

 I took classes from Angela, Jamie Wallen, Linda Taylor and Judy Woodworth.  I'll show more pics over the next few days along with my practice pieces as I get in the studio.  I can't wait to practice what I learned so that I can put these designs and techniques to work on your beautiful quilts!

This piece was from a stand-up class with Linda Taylor, who was showing us alternatives to the quilted-to-death stipple meander. This piece was quilted on one of the Innova machines that were supplied in the classroom. I cannot wait to give this one a go on my Millennium. I plan to balance the density and then quilt it as a wholecloth on black flannel to show you some different background options. This was such a fun piece to play with.

Happy Quilting!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

More from the PWQS

Here are a couple more quilts for your enjoyment.

This first one is a bit of Marilyn Badger's quilt. She is an amazing quilter and an amazing person.  I love the colored thread in the cream areas...something I don't ever do. But hey, when its your quilt and you are the one quilting it, why not let the quilting sing as loudly as the piecing? Isn't this gorgeous!!

I'm sure most of you will recognize the bits of the next quilt. Sharon Schamber did this one...she's another amazing quilter! Sharon also has a terrific website with many freebies and lots of eye candy. Click HERE to see her site.

Hope you've enjoyed the show!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pacific West Quilt Show in Tacoma

I'm in Portland this week at MQX and rather than leave you post-less again, I'll leave you with some beautiful quilting shots from the Tacoma Quilt show.

* * * * *

A few months back, the Sequim guild chartered a bus for travel to Tacoma for the quilt show. I was a bit curious about the bus we'd be on since my friend, Annie, had just gone on a bus tour where the chartered bus turned out to be an old school bus--you guessed it: no air conditioning, no heat! I was quite pleased to arrive at the rendezvous area and see one of those nice senior citizen type buses. And I'm sure that's what this bus was since I got the last seat...a wheelchair in the back of the bus! It was quite comfortable though. It even reminded me of my mom as she was a paraplegic.

The next few posts will have pics of some of my favorite quilts. One of the most fun things for me at quilt shows is to see how others quilt their quilts. Its also quite sobering to realize how far I have to go to get as good as these quilters. Some are simply amazing.

The next few pics are from a quilt by Janet Fogg. I love her style and took her class the first time I went to Asilomar. Someday I may even finish the quilt I started there. Janet's style is unique and take a close look at her quilting. I'm loving the puzzle pieces!!

Close-up of the puzzle pieces and the really cool way she quilted the words "its magic." Take the time to click on the photo. It will make it large enough to really enjoy the quilting detail.

Would you look at the quilting on this car!! Janet does all her own quilting; its fabulous!!

Stay tuned for more quilts.


Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Okay...

I'm finally back from California and getting caught up. I've quilted a quilt, have another ready to go, am back to my workouts, back to playing (starting) with Emma, back to Washington and beautiful sunshine.  Yes, I said sunshine...its been bloody hot here, although not as hot as Quincy. (So it really was hot here when I originally wrote this; pinky swear!)

We headed down to Quincy to start cleaning our property up and to bring yet another load of stuff up here. And there is still more. We will head back down again in March, but I'll be going on to Asilomar and Dennis will be stuck for a week without me.

We did get lots done. After our house burned down, we built a shed and then put all the stuff from the old house into the shed so that we could move into the old house while we waited to have our new house built. Then, a few months later in the middle of December and a few feet of snow, a tree broke off and fell onto the shed. There wasn't much we could do then and by the time we could get to it in the spring, I just couldn't face it. It was like having another fire...more ruined stuff.

There were some great finds though!  Before moving to Quincy, I used to tole paint.  I painted this clock over 10 years ago and it can be saved...

This doll was the best find though.  When I lived in Reno, I worked in the District Attorney's Office. My supervisor there made me this doll for some occasion (can't remember what). To keep her safe, she was put in the shed. I had already come to terms with the fact that she would be ruined, so imagine my surprise when the very last box I opened had her in it and in perfect condition!  Simply amazing, especially since the pillow on top of her was horribly stained and ruined and the other doll outfit next to her on the bottom of the box was half eaten and next to a mouse nest. Why the little critters didn't eat her is beyond me, but Izzy lives!!!  It was the best find of the day!!

Thanks for your patience in awaiting my return and thanks even more to those of you that e-mailed to see whether I was still alive. Its nice to be missed!