Thursday, December 31, 2015

Carolyn's Storm at Sea

This quilt is so gorgeous--as are all of Carolyn's. However, when she sent this home with me back in October, she requested an allover.  An allover??? Really?????

After sending Carolyn a text message confirming that she just wanted an allover and letting her know she was killing me, she relented. Said I could do what I wanted; however, I knew she didn't want the kind of quilting I wanted to do on it. [sigh]  Maybe another time.

In keeping with her original wishes, I didn't go nuts. The outside border is stippled with a pattern through the middle of it going all the way around.  You can almost see it if you cross your eyes and stand on your head!!

I did CC's in all the triangle and diamond shapes within the top with a double CC in the squares. It made for some interesting patterns on the back and just added texture to the top.

Here's a couple of close-ups of the back. Maybe someday I'll have some good lighting that will show the quilting off a bit better. The backing fabric is actually a dark blue--not sure why it photographed as gray!

Thanks for stopping by...

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year--stay safe!


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Milly's Ponies

So after hours of "building fence" and then way too much quilting for a kid's quilt, Milly's ponies were finally finished and delivered last week.

This is a Buggy Barn pattern and I just fell in love with it. The eyes were supposed to be buttons, but since Milly is not yet a year old, I felt that having Dennis embroider eyes was the better option.

The horse in the middle was a bad horse! He had no contrast and just faded into the background. However, some extra quilting and a Pigma pen and he magically reappeared!

I chose a green flannel for the backing.  

A close-up (reverse-style) of the quilting. As you can see, I went a touch overboard. This pic shows the true color of the green; I'm not sure why its so dark in the photo above.
Thanks for having a look!