Frequently Asked Quilting Questions (cute, eh??)

I've been getting several questions lately and thought I would try to answer them here for anyone that may be interested.

How much do you charge for your quilting?

This is the main question I receive. Basically, my prices start at $.015 per square inch and go up from there. That price will get you a pantograph and/or one of my many free motion designs on the entire quilt top. When additional quilting designs are added, such as, in sashing, borders, etc., the price will go up accordingly.

If you want to know exactly how much I will charge you to quilt your quilt, send me a photo with the exact measurements of your quilt and we can talk design. At that time, I will be able to offer you three different price and design options. The price of the design option you choose will not change.  Keep in mind that with your permission, the design may change. Often upon first looking at your quilt, I will have a design idea. Then when I actually have your quilt out to work on, I will have changed my mind. Bottom line, the design is likely the change; the price quoted will not.

What kind of batting do you carry?

I have several battings to choose from. I carry Hobbs 80/20, Quilters Dream Blend, QD Puff, and QD Washable Wool. I also have black batts in both Hobbs and QD Washable Wool.

Do you have any other fees?

Yes. I charge a loading fee of $15-$25. This fee includes pressing, trimming threads, adding muslin to backing (in case you've mis-measured) and turning the quilt (when necessary to complete the border quilting). If your quilt is small, this charge will often be waived. I do not charge for thread.

On Threads Used...

Almost exclusively, I am a Superior Thread user. I love their thread and use their So Fine!, Lava and King Tut. I am currently trying Omni, but the jury is still out on that one. I will always use a thread on your quilt that blends, accenting your piecing. Unless specifically requested, the bobbin thread will match the top and will often be Bottom Line. Again, there is no charge for the thread used on your quilt.

How you decide what design to quilt?

You, as the customer and owner of the quilt, have as much say in the quilting as you'd like. Many of my customers leave the decisions up to me. I do have a few standard questions that help me in deciding how to quilt your quilt. For example, what is your budget? How will the quilt be used? Is there a specific area of the quilt that you want the focus to be on? Is there a design that you do not like?  When I am ready to start your quilt, I will call you with three price-point options. You choose which option best suits you and that is what I will do.

How do I prepare my top for mailing to you?

Please refer to the page titled "Quilting Prep," for specific guidelines.

How can I contact you?

I am available via e-mail at CrazyHorseQuilting@gmail.com; or by phone at (360) 681-8175. If you call, please be mindful of time zones. Thanks!!

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