Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilting at MQX

I am just back from MQX in Portland. It was great seeing all my friends and making new ones. This year we had four in our tiny room at the Inn at the Convention Center; however, that meant more money to spend on fun things! We had a great time!!

I learned so many new designs and techniques, like this one from Angela Walters. Her classes were so much fun and she is so darn cute. Full of enthusiasm and great tips!

 I took classes from Angela, Jamie Wallen, Linda Taylor and Judy Woodworth.  I'll show more pics over the next few days along with my practice pieces as I get in the studio.  I can't wait to practice what I learned so that I can put these designs and techniques to work on your beautiful quilts!

This piece was from a stand-up class with Linda Taylor, who was showing us alternatives to the quilted-to-death stipple meander. This piece was quilted on one of the Innova machines that were supplied in the classroom. I cannot wait to give this one a go on my Millennium. I plan to balance the density and then quilt it as a wholecloth on black flannel to show you some different background options. This was such a fun piece to play with.

Happy Quilting!!!


  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing with us. Wish I could have gone too! Looking forward to more. Sara

    1. Hope you can make it next year! I think it will be a bit earlier in the month so as not to conflict with Houston.


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