Monday, August 15, 2016

Its a Test!!

Do you see it?  My mistake???

I'm just home from a retreat where this was one of four quilts I finished. At least I thought I'd finished until I saw this photo.  I even hung this up at the retreat and no one spotted it. 

I didn't see it until just now...Do you?????



  1. top two rows? should be diamond flanked by four on each side?

  2. Dangerous question...what if people see something you don't? Anyway that top looks a bit wonky. Going to "fix" it?

  3. Yep, ladies, you're right! That top section is off by one block. And yes, Mary, I am going to fix it ... someday!!!!

    Thanks for playing!!

  4. was pointed out to me in an e-mail...the bottom right corner. Do you see it????


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