Friday, September 30, 2016

Some "Allovers"

Sharing some pics here of recent allovers that have come and gone since my last post.

First up: This shop sample from Karen's Quilt Shop.  This is the top, but I really loved...

...the back.  Isn't it cool??  As you can see, I just did a geometric pattern in keeping with the top.

A close up (of the back!!) to show the quilting.  Those darn birds are adorable!!

This one has a bit of sad back story. Customer called and needed this quilted right away for a little girl who was very sick. Luckily I was between quilts and was able to do it for her that day! I hope she liked it!

 This was just a simple loop allover--the style of quilting I recommend for kids quilts. After all, they won't appreciate the quilting, but they will love the quilt. 

Clara made this one for her kids in Alaska, if I remember correctly. She had seen an allover with leaves that I'd done for Karen's shop and asked me to do the same on this one.

Ginny wanted to use this fabric to make a jacket and asked me to quilt leaves all over it.  I ran into her the other day and she reported it was the first time she'd finished a jacket in a day.  I'm thinking having the fabric pre-quilted helped!!!

 More custom stuff up next...


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