Monday, December 19, 2011

Slow Trip, eh??

For those of you that have been wondering if we were actually taking a slow boat to Sequim rather than a car, the answer is ... "NO." However, once we arrived, we faced many challenges. Being connected to the Internet was a huge one.  Finally though, as of yesterday, we have contact!!  I'm back in blogging business; I'm sure you're all relieved <snort>!!

But, for the good stuff:

My step-daughters were in Quincy the Friday before we headed out. They were great as we enlisted their husband/significant other to help load. In fact, on Sunday, Rachel and Mike even came by to help us finish loading. They are great kids (I use that term relatively as they are all in their 30s!).

We arrived on that Monday to a house decorated with Christmas lights and our friends waiting for us with dinner. It was lovely! The next day more friends arrived to help us unload. Since then we've been unpacking and trying to organize. The kitchen here is so big that I have too much room, I keep losing things!!

A few days after our arrival, we joined SARC (Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center). Its incredible. They have TWO swimming pools (which would be even more fantastic if I swam), three rooms full of aerobic and weight equipment, a gym for large classes and a smaller classroom for other classes. Today is the second week of our new "get healthy" program.

Today another friend gave me a bike to use for when we ride the Discovery Trail. Equines are only allowed on portions, but bikes can do the whole thing. We're going to check it out by bike first, pony later.

The horses are doing great and we can see them from the house, which I love. We plan to start riding when we have our lives a bit more in order...hopefully not too long from now.

And today my longarm was set up in its temporary quarters...wait til I show you the new digs!! They'll be awesome!!

Thanks for hanging in of quilts coming soon.



  1. glad you've arrived and are getting settled in. Look forward to seeing pictures of the new setting. Good for you both on getting healthy-always a challenge is seems.
    A big kitchen to lose things in-now that sounds nice (I have a very small kitchen)

  2. Health, Wealth and Happiness in your new home Dory and Dennis, Merry Christmas

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Thanks for hanging in with me Diane & Kay! Merry Christmas to you both!


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