Sunday, January 29, 2012

I will be sane, tomorrow!!

Yep...the studio is done!!! Of course, there are some minor things that still require attention (like moving all the boxes in and unpacking), but the main "work" is finished. Tomorrow I can quilt; tomorrow, I will be sane!!!

What do you think??

This photo is from the southeast corner by the window in the next picture:

This door leads into our house and will be replaced by a full light door, when  I can find one. They're hard to come by in this size, but I'm not giving up. Dennis thinks I'll have to settle for a half-light, but I don't think so!

This photo is from the opposite corner looking back toward the house. The half-light door looks into the teeny-tiny work space that Dennis has in the garage. His side is really cold; mine is insulated and warm and clean!!!

This is looking toward the door that will be the customer entrance to my studio. This door opens onto our back porch. Customers entering this way will have a lovely view of our pond and yard before they come in. I found a full light door for this spot; it will be in as soon as I paint it and will allow for tons more light.

And now for your test...can you find the Border Collie???

Dash just has to supervise everything!! <snicker>

Dory...sane again...<sigh>


  1. looks great-glad to see you made it through with your sense of humor in tack--most important thing really.
    Dash inspired the flooring no?

  2. Are you sane yet? We miss your posts. Sara


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