Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quincy Crazy Quilters Opportunity Quilt

I've been working on this quilt for several days and just sent it on its way home. (I'm sorry the quilting doesn't show in this picture, but I wanted you to see the whole quilt.)

This is the Quincy Crazy Quilters Opportunity Quilt. Each year, the guild members make a quilt and then raffle it off. The money is used to buy fabric for their "cuddle" quilts, which are then given to children in need of some comfort and love. For the last several years, I've been given the honor of quilting these quilts and I feel very privileged to have been asked to quilt this one.

Here are some close-ups. If you click on the pics, they get bigger and the quilting is easier to see. My goal with this quilt was not to "over quilt" it. Its such a simple design that I wanted the quilting to be simple to correspond with the theme.

I did swirls, pebbles and leaves in the background of the applique and then used Lava variegated thread for the veins in the leaves and the design in the center of the flowers.

Another shot, showing some of the detail:

This is the design I put in the "flower" blocks. If you look at the overall photo of the quilt, you can see that the piecing creates a flower-like block starting in the top, left corner. I wanted to quilt those separately and came up with the design below. I quilted a continuous curve design in the rest of the cream colored blocks. There is no quilting in the colored fabrics as I wanted them to stand out.

Another shot of the back just to show a bit more of the detail.

And here's one of them "fancy pictures" that shows the top and the back in one shot!! *smile*

Thanks for stopping by!!  If you're interested in raffle tickets, let me know. They'll be the usual $1 for one and six for $5.


  1. Wow Dory, great job! You do such outstanding work. Hope that it brings in lots of $$$. Sara

  2. it's beautiful! love the border quilting...and the swirls!

  3. Love your quilting, and love the pattern. I think it would be pretty easy to figure it out, but do you know if there is a name for it?

  4. Thks for sharing absolutely beauitful.

  5. If one wanted to buy the tickets but lived in another state, where would they send the check? And if they won this absolutly beautiful and awesome quilt and quilting, would ya'all mail it????

  6. A Beautiful quilt with gorgeous quilting.

  7. wow I want a ticket!!! where can i get one!

  8. wow I want a ticket!!! where can I get one!

  9. Thanks for all the great compliments; Kristina, its your idea in those outside border squares!!

    As for tickets, when they are available, I'll post here. You can send your $$ to me and yes, they will mail the quilt to whomever wins. Drawing is usually in September.

    Stay tuned, or sign up to follow via e-mail to know when the tickets are ready.


  10. Wow!!! It turned out beautifully!!
    You should be proud of a job well done!


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