Friday, November 1, 2013

Paula's Pretty Egg Money Quilt

Paula sent this quilt up a few weeks ago. Its been done, but I was only able to deliver it yesterday. Yes, deliver it: I'm in Quincy!! I've just spent three days sewing with my sister and now I'll be spending three days at the Quincy Crazy Quilters Guild retreat. Then a final day sewing with my best friend and another friend and then Dennis arrives and the fun is over. It will be an exciting and bittersweet trip. We should be signing the papers and saying goodby to Butterfly...but more about that later.  Now for Paula's quilt.

It came with a note that said "I want custom," and that was it! Silly, Paula. After talking with her I discovered that this quilt was potentially earmarked for a friend who'd given her a beautiful piece of furniture. However, there was a caveat...she loves this quilt and she loves the fabric and she wasn't totally committed to giving it away. She wanted to see what I did with it first.  So...this is what I did:

The design in the sashing is ala Deloa Jones and the block is from a technique I learned from Sue Heinz at MQX this year. 

This one was the result of playing around with lines and feathers...

Drunkard's Path...the bane of my quilting existence. I have such a hard time trying to decide what to do in these blocks, but I just played with this one and I really like it. Hope Paula does!!

The lighter area of this block has a design I learned in Angela Walters Dot-to-Dot class at MQX. Its a simple concept, but it sure turns out nice.

Another one with just some simple line work...

And a shot of the back. What blog is complete without at least one shot of the back? Paula used her leftover fabrics for the back, so while the quilting wan't obvious, you could see some nice patterns in places.

So, what do you think? Would you keep it or give it away??

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