Monday, March 10, 2014

Washington is Quilter's Heaven

Or it sure seems that way. There are lots of guilds, many quilt shows and classes to attend, not to mention all the retreats! My quilty side loves it here!!

I've joined two guilds here, Sun Bonnet Sues in Sequim and Cabin Fever Quilters in Port Townsend (about 40 minutes away). The SBS guild is HUGE--over 250 members; the CFQs are growing, we're up to 100 members now and may have to start looking for a larger meeting room!

A few months ago, CFQ asked if I would quilt their Opportunity Quilt. I was honored as I hadn't expected that at all.  In a group of that many women, its easy to get lost. This is the beautiful quilt that the members put together:

It is so much prettier in person! I have really got to do something about my photography situation.

A close up of the center. I opted not to quilt in the applique on this one and just pebble around the design. It made the applique really pop. I also kept all the quilting very simple and basic, in an attempt to highlight the quilt, itself. (Remember, if you click on the picture, you get to see it "close-up")

I tried a couple of new things with this quilt. The curved crosshatch in the center of the star was a first for me. I have all the rulers, but haven't had a place where I thought it would work. I like it here, what do you think??

A close-up of the center. The colors chosen in making this quilt work so well together. I just love it! The colors in this picture are more true to the actual colors of the quilt. Its a beautiful combination and the bit of white just makes everything pop.

And, finally, a pic of the border treatment. I debated about this border for so long and finally came up with a (sort of) mirrored image effect.

No pics of the back on this one as it was too busy for the quilting to show. I was hoping for a solid black backing--it would have been a fun one to see on the reverse. 

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  1. Nice job, Dorothy. I really like how you let the applique speak for itself....and I love the curved crosshatching -- what's not to love about crosshatching? --- and the swirly design outside of the piecing. Very nice, indeed.


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