Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Celtic Quilt

Okay, so you'll just have to trust me, inspite of my [lack of] photography skills!  This is a Celtic design that Pat did.  Pat is a new customer and she trusted me with this quilt--a quilt she plans to enter in many fairs! No pressure...right??????  I used two batts with this one: Hobbs 80/20 and QD Wool, to give it definition. I called her today after finishing all the interior stippling on the design to get her input.  I was either going to leave the colored areas alone, or quilt pebbles in them as my friend, Shannon, had suggested.  She opted for less quilting.

I delivered the quilt this afternoon, sweating bullets on my drive to her home.  What if she didn't like it??  Luckily, she loved it and has promised to tell the ladies in her quilting group about me and show it to them.  Their previous longarm quilter has moved away, so I may be getting even more new customers! *whoopee!*

A few more pictures...(the color to the right is more true)

And a couple of the back.  I always love the back of my work, often the best.  (What, exactly, do you think that means??)



Remember, if you want to see the picture in more detail, you can click on it.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice job and woo-hoo for a bigger customer base!

  2. I hate to say it, but isn't there a typo on this quilt? Shouldn't it say "May your home always be TOO small to hold all your friends." Yikes, I hope not. Maybe that is just how this saying goes. But if she is going to enter it in shows....

    It is a beautiful quilt - and so is the quilting!


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