Monday, September 27, 2010

The Trouble with Blogging...

is keeping up! Everyone's lives are busy, but mine was supposed to slow down.  After all, I'm retired now. Shouldn't I be able to sit on the couch eating bon-bons and watching Oprah? Shouldn't I have hours to exercise to counter-act the bon-bons? Shouldn't I be out riding and quilting every day?  The answer is "yes," in my dreams. In reality, however, it's a big, fat NO.  I seem to be busier now than I ever was...why? I have no clue. For the rest of you that are retired, are you having this issue as well??

There are three sites I check regularly: my e-mail; the APQS chat list, and Facebook.  Granted, I could dump FB  because I blog, but then everything would be so one-sided. I wouldn't know what was happening with my horsey friends and my many other friends whom I'm only in contact with because of FB.  Quitting FB just doesn't seem like an option.

So instead, I think I need to make time to blog in the same manner that I make time to exercise...although blogging is way more fun.  With any luck, this will work and there will be no more three week absences.  Wow...three weeks...did anyone notice I was gone?

Stay tuned for the "catch-up" blogs...


  1. I seem to be able to make time for checking blogs. It's STOPPING and getting off the computer to actually sew or exercise that's my problem! haha

  2. I have been retired for 4+ years and never have enough time. And that is true of most of my retired friends. The best thing is choosing the things that keep you busy. It is a wonderful life!

  3. I noticed, I was about to send out a search party..."Where've ya been"!

    I knew it would happen to you...... you know when I am at home things seem to take just that bit longer to do than when I am at work.....nowadays when I get home.....I don't let myself logon until I have finished at least some of my jobs......then I can check emails and do some more of my jobs...then I check a couple of forums....incentives.....sound like a saint don't I....but thats my plan.....and it gets some stuff done a little quicker!!!

    Welcome back!
    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  4. You guys are great! I have a routine going; but when Dennis retires, it will have to change again. Hopefully, if I stick to it, two things will happen. Blogging will be more consistent and pounds will come off...keep your fingers crossed!!

  5. I am right there with you Dory, some days are just a blur, I am exhausted, but when I take stock of the days events, I realize that exercise didn't make it into the line up and that sink of dirty dishes didn't even clean themselves. So when you find out how sqeeze more hours into a 24 hour day and still get 8 hours of sleep; bottle it and sell will make a fortune! :0) I missed reading your blogs while you were gone.


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