Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ride & Tie in Washington

Don and Annie Betts are heavily involved in Ride and Tie. Until last year, Don was the President of the organization and Annie did the newsletter. He's enjoying his first year in many to not have the presidential duties.

This year he put on the Lost Mountain Ride and Tie.  It was a 30+ mile event where two people compete on one horse.  For more about Ride and Tie, click here. Dennis has a screen-printing business, along with is embroidery business, so he did the ride shirts for Don.  Rather than mail them up, we delivered them in person.  Much more fun that way!!

The shirts are Annie's design and I think they're adorable!

There were only three teams competing (not all that unusual for R&T) and they all finished in good time with sound horses.  Here are a few pics of the teams and their mounts.

This mare was incredible! She was a big girl and she used to compete in some kind of polo event.  And she was incredibly fast...witnessed in person when she saw a llama for the first time and did a 180; unfortunately, her rider didn't keep up.

Above and below are the medical team. The doc (above) is also a pilot and flew over from Seattle to ride. The doc below (an anesthesiologist) flew out commercial from Tennessee to compete.  He loves R&T...obviously!! (They were riding Cinder. She's an awesome mare that I got to ride on Sunday to help pull the ribbons from the ride. We went about 10 miles on some incredibly treacherous trail. It was sure fun!)

And these two were the third team.  I just love this horse, Pumpkin.  Of course, I'm a bit partial to chestnut ponies!!

Okay, enough with the pony stuff.  Next post is all about quilts and one of our reasons for going to WA!

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