Friday, October 1, 2010


Before leaving on vacation, I had several quilts to finish. My QZ arrived and I had this one that was just begging for it.  So I set up the QZ, turned on the instructional DVD that comes with, and started playing.  My customer, Norma, loved the way this one turned out. Apparently, the nine-patch blocks were made by a variety of quilters in the guild. Norma put hers together with the setting squares to make the quilt bigger and to give it some continuity. I think it worked.

Here's the overall pic after it was quilted. (Ignore the stuff stacked on the table; the hazards of sharing the studio with your husband!)

This one shows the design in the blocks...

And a better photo of the QZ designs.  I used a smaller, similar design in the setting squares.

And the corner triangles were too small for anything to fit, so I brought the meander into them from the border. 

And a photo of the back.

The Quiltazoid is such a great tool for quilts like this one with open spaces. It was developed by Adam and Linda Anderson specifically for the longarm.  It works great and its easy to use. I love it!!


  1. the qz is loads of fun..and very versatile. i love making circles and incorporating some spiros now and then into various elements of a quilt!


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