Friday, October 22, 2010

QZ to the Rescue!!

I think its been almost a year now, but some time ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Jackie, the Volunteer Coordinator for a big quilting show. We chatted back and forth on the APQS list and I remember telling her that if she was ever interested, she could send a quilt out for me to quilt for her. Of course, I never thought she'd take me up on it--she lives halfway across the US from me!!

But...guess who called and sent me this???

And with this quilt, came cones of thread for me to sample (beautiful, bright lime green, gorgeous purples and pinks) and my very own tote-bag. Not many quilters are this spoiled--especially by a first-time customer! I'm one lucky girl!! (I took a picture of everything Jackie sent me, but can I find it...of course not!)

When I saw this quilt, my first thought was feathers...but Jackie doesn't like feathers. [How can anyone NOT like feathers????]  Immediately, the next thought was my Quiltazoid.  So I played and ended up with a QZ design in yellow on the purple squares, the same design in purple on the yellow squares and background stippling in matching the thread to the color of the block.

Looking at the photos, the design in the purple block doesn't look yellow, but it was, honest!!

 You can almost see the small design I put in the setting squares...if you squint real hard!

 This quilt was so much fun to work on.  Some quilts are fun all the way through and then give you such a feeling of accomplishment when you return them and your customer is happy.

And, finally, a shot of the entire quilt...defying gravity *grin*


  1. Dory, you did an awesome job! I knew when I saw a quilt you had posted on the APQS chat forum, that one day I would have a top that needed just your touch. I am so glad this was it. It is truly gorgeous. Everyone back here at home has been admiring your lovely work.. Thanks for quilting this for me. Jackie

  2. Wow...great quilting Dory....I've got to get that looks like alot of fun!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Thanks Jackie & was a fun quilt to work on!!


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