Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Innovations just happened to be the week after we were in Washington, so, of course, I had to attend.  Innovations is a machine quilting conference where some really experienced teachers come and share their expertise.  The first time I attended, I'd just purchased my APQS Millennium and I took every class I possibly could.  I was on such overload by the time I left, that I'm not sure I retained anything.

This time, I was much smarter.  I took only the classes that I thought would benefit my business.  First, some business-type classes (learning how to use my Machine Quilters Business Manager program among others) and then classes by some truly great quilters whose talents I admire.  I took several classes from Irena Bluhm, Laura Lee Fritz and Lisa Coker. My goal this time was to take classes that would add more background designs to my repertoire and also make my quilting of sampler quilts more efficient.

This is Irena with a sample of her background designs.

Several people from the APQS chat were at this event and one of them, Carreen, actually offered to let me stay at her house and use her car to travel back and forth into Tacoma. I had a wonderful "apartment" all to myself above her garage; she had dinner ready for me when I got home in the evening; she had a Millennium that we could play with and, best of all, she had two ponies in her pasture whose noses I could kiss.  Funniest thing was this coincidence: her ponies are named Elly and Emma...how odd is that???

Here are a couple of pics from the quilts at Innovations...they were spectacular! I believe Cindy Roth, the creator/organizer of Innovations will have a DVD for sale with professional pictures of all the quilts.

This was a memory quilt made for a young lady's father. The film strip are actual photos of him; I thought it was very unique and special.

I loved this barn quilt. I live in an area where those old barns are disappearing; it was nice to see this.

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