Friday, October 29, 2010

Quincy Crazy Quilters Block of the Month

Every year our Guild does a BOM and I never seem to do it. However, this year is different.  Here's a picture of the first block, finished today. I plan to use the solid black as a background on all blocks and bright, solid Cherrywood Fabrics colors for a highlight. This one has red...

I have a lot of black & white fat quarters and figure this is a good way to use them up.  

It was fun to work on piecing projects today...although I do have a quilt loaded and waiting for me.


  1. i want to play along...aren't i still part of the guild?! send me the directions would ya?

  2. Love the block! Black & white quilts are so great (to me). Will you be accenting with different colors then, or all reds?

  3. Kristina, check your a minute. Skye, I plan to accent with different brights. I may do two reds, two oranges, two yellows, etc., really haven't decided. But it won't be all red; I want some variety.


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