Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Help...Do you have this Fabric??

On Wednesday nights, I take a class at our local community college.  I use the term "class" loosely, as it is basically just a bunch of women getting together to sew with a "teacher." Carolyn teaches the class and for those of us who've been quilting for awhile, its just a get together. For the new quilters, she's absolutely the best person to learn from. I am often granted the privilege of quilting for her and her piecing is perfect!

I'm working on a table runner in her class now and here's the problem. I raided my stash for this project and realized that I don't have quite enough of my focus fabric.

This is what I'm looking for: (sorry for the lack of clarity--I took the photo from a website)

It's a Deb Strain design called "Bistro." If you have some you'd be willing to part with, please let me know! At this point, you could practically name your price!!


  1. I found some online if that helps!

    Scroll down to get to your fabric..

    gael from Pink-a-Palooza

  2. They had all the line, except they were sold out of this one. Thanks for looking though...I sure appreciate it!

  3. Dory, I am sure I saw this at Fabrics Unlimited/Stateline NV in August. They still have one online but not the one you have been looking for. Have you checked The Quilt House, Going Batty and others in your area?

    Hope you find it!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)


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