Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rachel's Getting Married

Dennis' youngest daughter, Rachel, is getting married next September and she's having the whole celebration only 30 miles from here! We're very excited!! This is a picture of her with her fiance, Mike. He's a wonderful guy and treats her like a princess.

This past weekend we went to Walnut Creek to spend the night with his other daughter, Hannah, and go to Rachel's Engagement Party at their Uncle's house in Martinez. It was a very fun party. Isn't Hannah gorgeous...she was very much a huge part of this celebration, being responsible for the menu. And this girl can cook.  Just one of the many wonderful items available for consumption: prosciutto wrapped asparagus grilled and then drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction.  YUM!!!

Hal and Heather were the hosts. Their home is perfect for parties.  It's set on an acre of beautifully groomed grounds and is so perfect on the inside. I'd met Hal and Heather once before, six years ago, at Rachel's graduation. They are such nice people and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and had fun.

Our hosts...having way too much fun.  Isn't Heather's smile infectious?

Here are some photos from the party...

Dennis and me with Rachel:

Dennis with the "Butterfly Girls." Brook grew up in Butterfly and was Rachel's best friend. They rode horses together, did 4-H, etc., all through school. Brook lives in Roseville now, but came down for the party. She'll be in the wedding.

And the obligatory family photo which has Mike's mom & dad (you can barely see his mom to the right of his dad), Rachel & Mike, then Charlotte (Dennis' ex) and Dennis.

And for those of you paying attention, yes, my hair has been restored to its natural color. What do you think? I'm enjoying not being gray!


  1. somebody looks amazing as a brunette! not naming names though! dennis has 3 beautiful girls...2 daughters and a gorgeous wife!

  2. Beautiful family photos and you look gorgeous!


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