Friday, January 21, 2011

Underground Railroad

I have always been fascinated with the Civil War and the stories and history surrounding it. When Jennifer Chiaverini came out with her book, The Runaway Quilt, I couldn't wait to read it. In fact, I read it aloud to Dennis as we drove across the lower 48 to Texas to pick up our horse trailer a few years ago. He even liked it.

In keeping with the book, Eleanor Burns came out with her Underground Railroad quilt pattern, which I immediately bought and then allowed to languish on the shelf with the zillion other quilt books I own.  *shrug* However, this year, my Wednesday night class is doing the UGRR quilt; I quilted this one for our instructor.

Carolyn chose traditional colors, as did most everyone in class...except me. I'm doing mine in super bright batiks. I have no idea how it will turn out....

A few close-ups:

Impossible to tell without clicking on the photo to make it bigger, but I did a wishbone in the sashing with a gold thread. I really liked the simplicity.

Are you ready for my colors????

I love how each batik color carries into the next. Originally, I had planned to use the black for the sashing, but I'm thinking that its way too much contrast now. Oh well...guess that means I'll have to find something different and add this to my stash...darn!

This is the first block...I'm not loving the brights yet, but I hope that after the next few blocks, that will change. Otherwise, this is going to be a long semester.


  1. love the wishbone in the sashing too! your quilt colors will be great as well

  2. I will enjoy following your Underground Railroad quilt progress. This time last year I was making my version. I made a large feathered star block for a medallion center with several pieced borders and surrounded the medallion with the Underground Railroad blocks and prairie points on the outer edge. It is my favorite of all my quilts.

  3. I also love the wishbone quilting design in the sashing, I will try that!!!


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