Thursday, May 31, 2012

Danger, Will Robinson

In case you haven't noticed, thought I'd point out that I haven't been posting lately.  The reason:  time! Where does it go??? I can account for almost two weeks of May with company being here, but other than that, I'm not sure what happened.

I do however have a warning for everyone. As you know if you've ever commented, you are not required to decipher any special characters to prove that you're human and/or don't have bad intentions. Unfortunately, persons whose first language is not English have discovered that as well and are posting anonymously on my blog. They are choosing older posts, writing ridiculous comments and putting up a link for you to check. The Google spam blocker has been catching these messages and deleting them before they post, but if they don't, please DO NOT click on the link. As I said in the title of this blog..

Do you remember what that's from??



  1. Good to here from you Dorothy and to know that you're not "LOST IN SPACE"...and really, you're too young to have watched that show. Speaking of company, Bill & I may be up your way in July. Would love to stop by & visit if you're there.

  2. I loved that show...I remember watching it all the time. If you guys come up here you have to stop and stay!! Its beautiful here, we'd love to get together. Will you be on the bike? Bring passports and we'll go to Victoria!! If you have room, bring something to work on and we'll sew in my studio!! We're here all month for sure.

  3. Yep, we'll be on the bike. Taking 3 weeks this year and we're still up in the air re: which way we'll ride, but north is on our list. I'll call you if we head that way. Just sent my passport off a couple weeks ago to get renewed. Hoping to get it back before we leave. EEK...cutting it close!


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