Sunday, June 3, 2012

Storm at Sea

Nope, I'm not on a trip...its a quilt. Isn't it gorgeous??

This quilt was made by Dale and she did an excellent job. I can't believe how many half-square triangles it takes to make one of these quilts. I don't think I would ever attempt it!  She did an excellent job piecing it which made my job so easy. I love the fabrics she used. One of my favorite styles are quilts that look like they were made in a different era.

I cc'd all the triangles (hope I didn't miss any!) and did a feather motif in the larger squares. Dale wanted feathers in the border as well, so I used the inner seam as the stem.

The back was fun, too...

Thanks for not giving up on me...posting will be a bit more regular in the future!



  1. I hope so, I miss reading your posts. How are the ponies doing? Sara

    1. Hi Sara...Ponies are fine. In fact, watch for tomorrow's blog to see a picture! They're home now and the pasture area is our front yard! I love it!!



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