Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Family Affair -- Completed

If you haven't read my original post with the history of this quilt, you can click here. If you have (or don't care about the history) keep on reading!

My sister Barbara came up to visit in May and we finished Corrie's quilt.  Okay, we didn't totally finish it, but I did finish my part.  I quilted the easy bits, the border and sashing. Barb and I had been having a debate to determine how to quilt the blocks, themselves. I wanted to be whimsical, Barb wanted to be traditional. So we compromised and she quilted all the cross-hatching.  Let's see...how fair is that??  Hmmm...took me about two hours total to do my part; took her about 20 hours for hers! Plus, she made the quilt and then did all the embellishing. I skated!!!

I think it turned out great and the recipient, my other sister, Donna, Corrie's mom, was thrilled when she got it in the mail! That was the best part.

Here are the photos. They are worth clicking on for an up-close view, not only for the quilting (which my sister does at a domestic sit-down machine with her hopping foot! *crazy*), but for the embellishments! This really was a labor of love!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program!



  1. You and Barbara did a wonderful job with this quilt. What a beautiful keepsake for Donna.

    1. Thanks, Marei...she loves it. She even sent us a thank you card!! I love all the embellishments Barb did; it really made the quilt come alive!


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