Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quincy Crazy Quilters BOM 2011

Marei finished her BOM some time ago and sent it to me for quilting. I love the colors she chose; it makes me want to get busy and finish mine!

As with this quilt and most BOMs, its a sampler. Marei added sashing and cornerstones to really offset the blocks. She's going to use it as a table cloth...can you imagine?  I'd use it as a table cloth as long as no one even thought of eating on it!! Its way too pretty for that.

I did something different with this quilt at Marei's request. She wanted an allover pattern. Initially, it was to be a panto, but I really don't like doing pantos. So after some conversations back and forth, I did my version of a panto...what do you think?? I found it really fun to just quilt along with no worries about blocks or sashings!



  1. Cool pattern, I really like what you did.....

    1. Thanks, Ardelle. It looks nothing like the panto it was supposed to look like! Luckily, Marei loved it!


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