Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Quilt for Baby Dylan

My niece, Ashley, and her husband Ben are having their first baby. Dylan is supposed to be born some time in least that's what the docs say.  I made him a quilt and tried a few new tools and techniques as well.

I purchased a panel, some matching fabrics and this is what I ended up with.

 I cc'd the four-patch blocks and then practiced "dwirling" in the center over the panel. That was one of the new techniques. It turned out nice and didn't distract from the panel at all, IMHO.

The back...

Then, new technique #2, I made bias binding. I found several "how to's" on You Tube and just went for it. Seemed to work out okay.  New technique #3, I attached the binding while it was on the machine. I've never done that before and won't ever do it for a show quilt; however, for an everyday quilt, it worked great.  I plan to get lots more use from it!

I used this tool from Anilee that I purchased ages ago. Its nice to finally give it a go.

Finally, technique #4 and another ruler. This one is called "The Binding Tool," and gives you the exact measurements for cutting your binding so that it can be pieced together. No more big lump where the ends meet!

Now to have Dennis embroider a label for me and it will be off in the mail!


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