Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life is Good!!!

My ponies are home!  Since we've moved they've been at one neighbors or another's while we found the time to fence in at least one of our designated pasture areas. They will eventually have four areas here, plus one other at our neighbor's to the south.

I do love having them home!!

Here's a photo of the gang.  Apparently, the stress involved in eating just wore Kate out. She had to have a little break before she could keep filling up that tiny tummy *smirk*



  1. It looks nice and lush. We have at least 2 that will lie down on the hay pile and eat hay. Lazy bones!lol Glad that they are home. Know that you feel better. Sara

    1. Thanks Sara. I knew you'd understand for sure. I love being able to sit on the porch and watch them!


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