Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Family Affair

 In 1979, my neice, Corrie Rae, died at the age of four. She was a very special little girl and we all still miss her.  She was the daughter of my sister, Donna.  Donna has kept a box of Corrie's clothes all this time not wanting to get rid of them, yet not knowing what to do with them.

Several years ago it was decided to make a memory quilt with the clothes. Corrie's older sister, Christy, took the clothes apart. My other sister, Barbara, pieced this beautiful Sun Bonnet Sue quilt with the clothes, adding fabric (like the background) where necessary. Barb will bring the quilt to me when she visits in May and I'll quilt it. I think we'll have Dennis embroider a label for the back.

Not only has this project been a family affair, but it is such a great tribute to a wonderful little girl that will forever be four in our hearts.

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