Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to Business

Is it a quilt, or isn't it???

This pattern is actually printed on the fabric. When Paula showed me this, I just had to quilt it. Imagine, SID that really isn't a ditch??  It was so easy to follow the "seam" lines. Perfect pressing, don't ya know??

I did feathers in the "pieced" blocks and squiggled a line over the "stitching" in the solid blocks. It turned out pretty cute and was just so easy to work on.

The back, which is often my favorite part.

So...what do you think? And if you were going to enter it in a show, what category would you use? Its not pieced, its not applique? Its a  thinker.

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  1. turned out too cute, love the quilting you chose it is perfect.
    Some shows have a cheater cloth category but you would really have to check the rules of each individual show.

  2. If it's a "sandwich" with top, batting, back...then it's a quilt....just not pieced.
    LOVE the back!

  3. You could call it a whole cloth, as it is only one piece of fabric for the top, at soem shows that is the definition.


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