Friday, April 20, 2012

Quilters Dream Weekend!

My friend Lisa from Canada called a few weeks ago and was in need of some serious getaway time. She'd found this retreat and asked whether I wanted to go.  What could I say, but "Yes."

Quilters Dream Weekend is put on twice a year, April and October. It is a lovely venue with plenty of room to sew and some really nice folks to sew with. In April, they offer "mini" classes that are taught by other participants; in October, you just sew.  Well, except for October 2015; Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame is coming then! (Marei...maybe you should mark your calendar)

This is the basic set-up.  You bring your table or can use one of theirs and they have several ironing stations set up in the middle. A block challenge, a fat-quarter giveaway and raffle prizes are all given. Food is included and it is the best I've ever had at a retreat. I sat by a group of ladies from NW Washington. Sharylann owns Tangled Threads Quilt Shop and her friend, Shirley, has her longarm set up in her shop. There were also two Donna's, a Deb and several other wonderful ladies who were all friends that adopted Lisa and myself and made sure we were having a good time.

The sleeping cabins; beds on both floors. You can upgrade to private accommodations, but I didn't see the point. I spent the majority of my time sewing!

This photo is of the grounds. I woke up early and took a walk each morning. One morning, while talking with Dennis on the phone, an entire herd of elk ran by. That was the coolest thing ever. Made me wish I had a real camera and was ready to shoot. Although they were in the mist, so I think my "memory" photo is better.

I took several projects to work on and actually finished one top and made a second from a Hunter's Star class.  Now here is where reading directions actually would have paid off.  They said two "contrasting" fabrics, what'd I choose...two BORING fabrics. They wouldn't have been boring had I not put them in the same quilt or added something for some pop. Live and learn.  And now I have a lovely, muted, Hunter Star background to do some applique and/or thread painting on (I think that's what they call "making lemonade from lemons")

This is what it could have looked like, had I read the instructions.

This is the top I took and finished. I purchased this "Quilt in a Bag" kit years ago at PIQF in Santa Clara. I figure its a close as I'll come to that Africa trip that's on my Bucket List. It turned out pretty well, although I don't love it as much as I did when I first saw it. But that is one less UFO.

Hard to tell from the crappy photo (sorry), but the outside has pictures of lions, zebras, elephants, etc., and the inner fabric is suppose to be zebra stripes.  I'll do better if/when it ever gets quilted.



  1. It's on my calendar, Dorothy. Now do you think I can actually make it? I would love gotta come, too.
    Directions? Who needs directions? Those are for people with no creativity. We're different kind of people, right? (remember my quilt from hell??)

  2. So glad we did this, I really enjoyed my quilty time with you as I always do!!!!
    I know that Hunter's star will turn into an amazing background for applique and I can't wait to see what it becomes when it grows up:)
    I am counting down the days until we can spend some more quilty time together!!!


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