Saturday, August 11, 2012

Leafing it up!

Is "leafing" a word? Not sure, but it doesn't have those annoying little red dots underneath it!

These are two quilts from Sequim customers that have found their way to my studio and back home again. Both quilts are from first time quilters and both did really excellent jobs with their piecing and color choices.

First up is Debbie's.  I like how its sort of a rail fence log cabin.

Debbie wanted leaves on this one. She plans to give it to her mom so wanted to keep the quilting simple.

When I get tired of quilting the same designs, I try to shake them up a bit. It keeps me interested and challenged. I'd just re-watched the Pajama Quilter DVD and saw this flower. What better design to go with a few leaves? So...Debbie got flowers and leaves.

Carolyn brought me this beauty and after some discussion, opted for leaves as well.

This photo gives you an idea of how my leaves meander...

And this is my favorite to do...a cluster where it shows up nicely (if you click on it, it shows up even more).



  1. looks good, you should call it "custom" edge to edge!!


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