Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Christmas Applique

Remember the two quilts Nancy gave me to quilt for her the last time I was in Quincy? First it was this one; and then this one that her mom did.

This was her mom's first quilt and she really loved it...except she didn't love her choice of background fabric when it was done. The fabric was whimsical with gingerbread houses, snowmen, etc., and really didn't fit the theme of the quilt. Knowing that, I quilted the heck out of the background in an attempt to obliterate the design and just let the applique take center stage.

I stitched around the applique and then used pebbles and swirls to fill in.  Designs were stitched in the applique, itself, to make it pop from the quilt. I had a hard time deciding on which pictures to show and may have chosen too many, but have a look and let me know what you think.

And then we have shots of the back. I thought it was really fun, since the quilting really showed up. First a shot of the whole back...

This one shows the sashing and my favorite flower at the intersections.

A few of the blocks from the back.

Thanks for hanging in there; hope you liked them!!



  1. great job!!! Love it!
    I can not tell that the background fabric has any motifs whatsoever, it looks like a cream background with fun swirls quilted in, I think she will absolutely love what you have done!!!

    1. I'm waiting to hear from my customer and then later to hear what her mom thinks. Nancy is going to bind it for her before she gives it back. [fingers crossed]

  2. Dory, I like the quilt. Where are you? Is everything alright?? Sara


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