Sunday, April 7, 2013

So Busy...

...but not with quilting, unfortunately.  We are back in California at our property in Plumas County, better known as Butterfly Valley.  From the air, where our property is (just outside the small town of Quincy), it looks like butterfly wings, hence the name. However, its been called Butterfly Valley since before airplanes. How did they know???

We own the back half of the second meadow--48 beautiful acres, most of which are meadow with about 10-15 being timber. We have been making trips here and taking stuff North, stuff to the dump, stuff to metal recycling and selling/giving away stuff as well. Dennis has been here for 38 years--there's a lot of stuff!!

I did manage to sneak away for several very important meetings--like dinner with a good friend and lunch with one of my customers (Carolyn made me potato soup!!) and I even went to the School House Quilters get together before having to leave early to head to the Fish & Game Commission meetiing (I'm still doing their minutes!)

The decision has been made to put Butterfly on the market; a hard decision for us both. I love it here and I have so many memories, it will be hard to say goodbye. But life goes on and you have to move forward.

We moved into this house before it was complete and then we never got around to finishing the trim. The doors look so beautiful trimmed--I wish we had done this while we lived here so we could enjoy it!

We are headed back to Sequim soon and then I'm off to another great time at the Quilters Dream Retreat just outside of Payallup, Washington. This is my second year and I have several projects lined up to take with me. I'm really hoping to finish my Judy Niemeyer Agave Garden quilt while I'm there, and hopefully a few others. I'm also taking a class on how to turn a Jelly Roll into this cute floor mat.



  1. the house in butterfly valley is a beauty! i loved everything about it when i visited. i sure wish you hadn't moved even farther away. i miss you my sweet friend!

  2. Some of life's decisions are very hard to make, especially when a part of your heart will always remain there, You will always have the wonderful memories as those are yours to keep :)
    Keep me posted to how the Agave Garden turns out I cant wait to see it put together it will be spectacular!!!
    I hope you know how much fun I always have with you at retreat/conventions even if I am way too sleep deprived to show it!!!!


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