Saturday, July 5, 2014

Carolyn's Stars

Carolyn pieced this top and sent it home with me when we were at Asilomar last year. I loved it!!  However, when I went to quilt it, I had a dilemma...what to put in those stars???

I played around with the body of the quilt, keeping it simple since the quilting wasn't really obvious. But I wanted something special in those stars.  I first tried this:  

It didn't work. I didn't like the gray thread or the way the design turned out. So...five minutes to quilt the design; over two hours to pick it out <sigh>  I quilted the majority of the quilt in gray and was hoping it would look okay on the cream.  Can you say, "Not!"???

I quilted the entire top before tackling those stars again. I finally ended up with this design in a very light purple thread. Better, eh?? Its kinda hard to see, but its just some nice loopy swirls to offset the sharp points. (Try clicking on it if you want a better view)

The quilt wasn't really all that large, but Carolyn made sure I had more than enough backing fabric. It was beautiful fabric--I may have to institute a new policy whereby I get to keep all the extra!!

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  1. Neat quilt, I like what you ended up with for the stars. You are right about the first try. Isn't that the way it goes with un-sewing? Hope that your 4th was happy and safe. Sara


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