Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maryann's BQ4

I hope you are all familiar with the Maple Island BQ patterns. They're really very simple and still manage to be visibly stunning. This is Maryann's BQ4. She fell in love with these fabrics and then discovered the BQ patterns.

I just love her color combinations. This was a fun quilt for me to work on as I got to decide on designs in all the many areas. 

In the gray that she used as a neutral to tie everything together, I did the sort of "wishbone" design throughout. In the rectangular squares, it was two inch continuous curves. Hard to tell, but in the outer border, I did a "wiggly" crosshatch following the design in the fabric--no measuring!! 

Most of the small squares also had continuous curve, only on a one-inch grid. 

I didn't want to hide these cool flowers behind a bunch of quilting, so I just outlined them. The added benefit here is the loft it gave them. 

This is her pieced back. She has already figured out that she doesn't want a bunch of scraps lying about, so she puts them all in her backing. (My studio would be so much neater had I thought of this when I started quilting!) 

This is some of the back quilting which shows the design I did in the black/white polka dot blocks. Its sort of a square/spiral. 

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