Monday, September 15, 2014

Megan's Crab Apple Hill Quilt

Megan took over a year and half to complete this quilt. She put so much time and effort into it that I wanted to make sure I did the same when quilting it for her. This will be a photo heavy blog post, and one worth checking out a few of the pics close up (just click on them to enlarge). Her workmanship is so incredible! This quilt is for her son's bed, thus the reason for the extra borders.

Crab Apple Hill offers this Gardner's Alphabet Quilt as a Block of the Month. Have a look: (As you can tell, this quilt is HUGE. It was hard to photograph properly!)

Below are shots of some of the individual blocks. Hopefully, you don't get too bored. Its just such a pretty quilt, I want to share.

Okay, if I haven't lost you yet, here are a couple pics of the border detail:

And a couple shots of the back:

I know its been awhile since I posted, and it will be awhile again. I'm off to Quincy for the annual retreat and to visit my sister! Hope your summer was fun and wonderful!!



  1. Wow, I see why it took her awhile to do. Beautiful work. I really love how your quilting complimented it. It is gorgeous. A show stopper for sure. Thank you for sharing! Sara

  2. This is a beautiful quilt, and your gorgeous quilting really enhances it! Thank you for posting the individual blocks so I can share with my group. Some of the ladies are finished with all of their blocks. I have finished A, C, & D. "B" is a monster and will take a long time to stitch. This is definitely a long term project, but so beautiful when finished!


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