Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deb's McCammas Beauty

Deb is just one of those people with excellent color sense--something I envy! Everything she does goes together so perfectly, and this quilt is no exception. McCommas Beauty is a pattern by Karen Stone, one which it doesn't seem many have had the courage to tackle. That didn't stop Deb though.

Unfortunately, the pattern made for some very fabric-intense intersections, which Deb did her best to eliminate. With that in mind, the quilting was kept relatively simple in the hopes that I wouldn't break any needles (I didn't!).

You can see from the pics that I chose a CC pattern in the  (purple/blue portions of the HSTs.  If you look closely enough (or click the pic to enlarge it) you may be able to see the squiggle I did following the star shapes.

I chose to quilt the cream bits last as I just couldn't decide what to do. I finally decided to frame the blocks with a 1/4 inch outline (inline???) to set off the rest of the quilt. I think it gave it a nice, finished look.  What are your thoughts?


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